Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Hip Hop Moves

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Thursday, 13 September 2018


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Follow the arrow

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This week I was working with Zyla Troy and Lelofie.This week we worked together really well but  we still need to fix some things  with our group.PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS BLOG POST THANKS.


This is my DMIC problem this week I was working with Zyla Troy and lelofie. We worked together really well but we need to learn to explain to each other when we are writing on the book.

My Name Is Rez

This week we were told to do this task called my name is Rez and we have to tell what the word means and what it is.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Making Up My Own Sport.

This week we were told we can make up our own sport.

You will be needing tape, balloons and some plastic cups and also some hand balls.It can be played outside or inside.You can have 10 players in each of the 2 teams.Its competitive and cooperative between the 2 teams because in their team they are working together and competitive because there are 2 teams and they’re versing each other.
1.First you split your class into 2 teams.
2.Then you cut up some tape into pieces.
3.After that you lay out the tape on the ground in 2 lines of tape.
4.Then take your cups and line then up against the wall with spaces in between each cup.\
5. Get one of the team members from each team to line up on the piece of tape.
7.Then get them to hold a ball and get them to try to chuck the ball into the cups.
9.The first one to get 3 balls in three cups gets a point.
10. The first team to get to five points wins the game.
You have to try to get 3 balls in 3 cups to earn a point.
I learned you can make a game only using a ball and cups and balloons and tape.We were told to make a sport or game of 4 of 5 things which is a ball some balloons 2 tennis rackets some tape and so thread. Yes it was fun making your own game.Trying to come up with the rules for your own game.
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