Friday, 15 February 2019

Little green Riding Hood

WALT: write a narrative using correct punctuation and sentences.

Once upon  a time there was a girl called little Green riding hood she lived with her stepmum and her real dad. One day little Green riding hood wanted to go see her aunt  and she took some maori bread. She set off to her aunts. She went through the jungle in through the bushes and there's aunts house. She walked into her aunt's house and said aunt were are you her aunt replied back with in here my dear. In the living room she went sitting there was a tiger and aunt. She said here you go aunt so maori bread. Thank you my dear I have a new pet that doesn't look like pet aunt said little Green riding hood aunt said back to her don't be scared dear come and pet it. She went to pet the tiger. The looked bad to little green riding hood the tiger said I am going to eat you. She said to her aunt that tiger is so so bad oh I mean it said it was going to eat me. So her aunt said for the tiger to get out the tiger told them that if he ever sees them again he is going to eat them. Luckily they never came past the tiger ever. THE END

Task Discripions: This week we are learning to rewrite a story this one is Little Red Riding Hood

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

2019 About Me

Walt: Writing about ourselves in a cyber smart way.

Kia ora welcome to my blog and here are some facts about me. My name is Patience and this my blog.  I am in year 6 and in team 4. My teachers are Mrs Parent Mr Goodwine and Mr Tuia. My favourite color is purple and my favourite shade is black I enjoy playing with my dogs and swimming in my pool with my sister brother dad and mum. My favourite sport is netball and touch because me and my brother play it in my pool and in our backyard. Thanks for reading some facts about me and also make sure to check out some of my blog posts that I will do this year.

Task Description: For this task we used a template given to us by Miss Parrant to write about our selves for the about me section on our blog. We had to think about our diffent intrest,hobbies and information. about our selves in a way of cyber smart.

Friday, 11 January 2019

My Day

hi welcome to my blog today I went to the beach and my dad did the biggest boom ever so it was so cool and my nieces and nephew came to and to night we are going for a night swim and 11 pm so yeah so thats all so comment on this blog post and thanks for reading and byyy.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

My Day So Far

HI there welcome to my blog and if you have not checked my other posts on my blog go check them out and leave a comment. Well today is going really well we had some pancakes for breakfast this morning and I got so fast I just painted my nails then I just read a book and then after that I am now on this imac so that's all that has happened today but there is still a few hours of the day that I can use to play with my dogs so I hope you have a great day and leave a comment on this blog post so yeah thanks for reading about my day has been so far and byyy for now and see you later....

Sunday, 6 January 2019

My Big Day

Hi welcome to my blog go check out my other blogs if you have not yet. Well today I have a big day ahead of me we are going to my uncles for a vist and we might go to my sisters and my other sisters house to but I have to blog really fast because we going really really soon so this just a fast blog and I also just woke up so I had no time I had gotten dressed and had something to eat and now I am just blogging so my mum and dad is just getting ready before we go and my sister and my brother is just watching tv down stairs well I am blogging later on I will be making another blog post so keep checking my blog but until then good bye see you later and also check out my other blogs so yeah hope you in joyed this blog and also leave a comment and thanks for reading byy........

Saturday, 5 January 2019

My Morning

Hi there welcome back to my blog I just woke up and my sister was here with all of kids and I just had some breakfast so now I am just blogging has not been a long day yet but the time is 1:50 pm at the moment so I still got a long day ahead of me so keep on checking my blog and comment on this blog post I will come back later on and have you seen my latest post it will be underneth this blog post yeah thanks for reading and byyyy......