Thursday, 24 May 2018

Flying eagle

In the rocky mountains of New Zealand lived a man and his eagle.The mans name
was Jackson and His eagle was huge.Jackson was a eagle flyer so every day he would take his eagle out for a ride.He would wake up at seven in the morning to fly his eagle.Some Days he would just want to go for a long long ride to breathe in the air.One morning he wanted to go for long ride just to see the land and see how things are.So jackson got all of his gears and left to see how the land is.When he was riding his eagle the eagle was starting to wabel.Jackson started to worried about the eagle so he told the eagle to go down.Well the eagle went down Jackson fell of and he was so flabbergasted.When he hit the ground he was drowning in pain he was dying.Jackson was lucky that he had taught his eagle what signs are to go get safety.So the eagle went to get someone to help him.When the eagle and one of his friend came back he was so happy.They got him to the hospital.After all that a couple of weeks later he was up on his feet again.He made sure that he was all was make sure that he will always take the right gears when he goes eagle flying.And he lived happily ever after and safe.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Tummy Aches

This week we are doing fracsnions  this is my acimeant called tummy aches

How airaplanes fly

This week we were told to work in pears of three or four about how airaplanes fly.This our blog post of how airaplanes fly.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Ball Experiment

On monday Miss West and Mrs moala made a movie about a ball experiment.Mrs Moala said that the smaller ball was prettier and it was holo so it was going to hit the ground faster.Miss West said the bigger ball would hit the ground faster because the air will flow better underneath it.There qwestonions were which one was going to hit the ground faster.

Miss West stood on a chair and so did Mrs Moala they both held there balls.Next they held the balls at the and made sure that they are holding them at the same height.After that they made sure that they dropped them at the same time.Finally they dropped it at the same speed but the balls did not hit the ground at the same time.The bigger ball fell faster than the other ball.When the smaller ball hit the ground it broke because it was holo.Then they tried a rubber ball and the basketball.This time Mrs Moala held both of the balls on the chair and dropped and this time the rubber ball hit the ground faster than the bigger ball.

So that means that the bigger ball had less force on it so it fell slower than the smaller ball because the smaller ball had more force on it so it fell faster.

So after all that that means that the smaller ball can fall faster than the bigger ball.Thanks for reading.

Friday, 18 May 2018

cantilevered .

Hi my name is patience this is my calss's book of my class .